“Your presentation was highly inspirational yet at the same time applicable to our financial advisors and their respective practices. Our sales numbers have increased significantly in part to your words and the emotion behind them. We are currently up 80% over the past year and over 20% year-to-date.”

– Agency Manager, Penn Mutual

“Thank you for your well organized and inspirational seminar. Your inspirational message of “Leveraging Change through Leadership” was so well-received, thought-provoking, and a motivational force for them. We received many inquiries and thanks based on your presentation, which is a further testament to the impact of your message. Thank you for your courage, your strength, and your life of high purpose and integrity.”

– Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

“Your powerful and insightful presentation was the highlight to our two-day conference. Your unique perspective on connecting and relating to others has motivated and inspired our team to take their professional and personal lives to the next level. They all feel re-charged and believe that anything is possible thanks to you. We look forward to working with you again in the near future.”

– Divisional Sales Manager, Lincoln Financial

“Thank you for your highly engaging and motivational presentation that you delivered to our division. Your powerful and heartfelt words captivated each member of our team and far exceeded our high expectations. Finding the strength and fortitude within ourselves, both professionally and personally, is a daily challenge that we all have, but you appear to have mastered it! We look forward to bringing you back and spreading the word of your transformational message.”

– Vice President, Smith Barney

“Thank you for the outstanding session you gave at our National Sales Meeting. I continue to get exceptional feedback regarding the impact you made on my team at our National Sales Meeting. As this team continues to rapidly evolve and grow, “the 7 Musts for Mimeo” gave my team valuable guidance on how to effectively adapt to change.”

– mimeo.com

“Thank you for your truly captivating and motivational keynote presentation at our recent conference. The feedback from those attending has been overwhelmingly positive, listing your presentation as the highlight of our event. Everyone was both awed and inspired by your transformational message. We knew we were in-store for something special when we hired you, however, you truly exceeded our high expectations. Thank you again for being so instrumental in making our event a success and we look forward to bringing you back to help our people succeed in living life to its fullest.”

– Kessler Medical Rehabilitation Research & Education Corporation (KMRREC)

“Scott Chesney is an exceptionally talented speaker. Over the past decade I have booked hundreds of presenters for our events and Scott undoubtedly stands out as one of the most engaging and captivating speakers that we have had the privilege of learning from. For a full hour he had the audience both laughing and crying as he spoke about his experiences. He was able to relate his story to listeners on many different levels, not only as a person living with a disability, but as a father, and as a person dealing with all of lifes usual ups and downs. Scott really raised the bar with his presentation at the World Congress and Exposition on Disabilities. His talk perfectly captured the spirit of our event, which is we are all the same. I cant imagine any audience that would not benefit from time spent with Mr. Chesney. That’s why we cant wait to have him back!”

– Director, World Congress on Disabilities Expo

“If an opportunity arises for you to connect with Scott, I strongly recommend it because he will change your life. He captivates an audience by speaking from his heart and translating his powerful message in a unique way. Everyone can benefit from Scott’s talks, young and old, and able-bodied and people with disabilities.”

– Nick Buoniconti, NFL Hall of Famer and Co-Founder of The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, Inc.

“I have never been around a speaker who had such an impact on an audience, an impact that could still be seen long after he had left the auditorium. Scott has a way of capturing people in his own high-level of motivation, a way of making them quite sure that any problem they have can be defeated. His passion, excitement, and joy of life are visible in all he does and says. Do your organization a favor, expose them to the best life has to offer, introduce them to Scott yourself.”

– Vice-President, The Perrier Group

“Your presentation was both uplifting and thought provoking. In particular, your discussion of the ‘Eight Pathways to Life & Sales Enhancement’ was very well-received by the entire sales force.”

– Sales Manager, Slomin’s

“The connection that Scott made with our students is unmatched. His use of personal stories, enthusiasm, and inspirational challenges helped to change many lives in a remarkably positive way. Without reservation, we would recommend Scott to any audience. Everyone can benefit from the message he shares.”

– The University of Oregon

“Scott’s strength, courage, and ability to make such a difference makes one almost envious of him and in an ironic sort of way, want to actually be in his ”shoes.“ He is a living example of how we can shape our destiny, and I think of him as a beacon of hope and a source of inspiration. He has made my group and me realize that the ability to reach out and make a difference lies within all of us.”

– Ayesha, 29, Psychologist, United Arab Emirates

“Scott is such an inspiration to me and everyone around me with whom he has come into contact. He has set out on his mission and has succeeded in every way with his ‘never say die’ attitude. He is selflessly giving of himself for the good of others. I am grateful for all that he has taught me and showed me about life. He is a modern day hero!”

– Kurek, 39, Success Coach, Australia

“I spent a week with Scott and quickly felt his healing of my thoughts of why me. He has an ability of relating to me even though I am more than twice his age. Scott’s knowledge and experiences qualifies his program to be an extension of one’s inner voice.”

– Jack, 63, Retired, United States

“Scott’s profound insight helped me to empower myself to make the very best of my life. I have learned to turn my back on anger, frustration, and bitterness and try to maintain a positive attitude. He has helped me to accept my body and love it just the way it is.”

– Shahimah, 45, Art Gallery Director, Malaysia

“Many times in my life when I at a crossroad, have dilemmas, or nothing is going well, I of Scott and all the messages he was sends me. He fills me with hope and is a light when everything appears to be dark.”

– Vasilis, 30, Industrial Engineer, Greece

“Scott has been an inspiration to me since I met him. About fifteen years ago. I had always taken my “ordinary” life for granted until I met this wonderful young man who has such an extraordinary life. His attitude and positive spirit caused me to reevaluate those everyday things in my life that I did not appreciate. Scott has helped me develop an inner-awareness of the goodness around me, and to give thanks for all that I have received. He has reinforced the commitment I have to share myself with those around me. Scott has made a major impact in the way I live and treat life.”

– Tony, 53, consultant, USA

“Your story, wisdom, fearlessness, and humor touched the hearts of everyone attending the conference. Your Five Principles for Living are still be talked about today that is certainly a testimony to the impact of your presentation. I will highly recommend you to everyone I know.”

– Executive Director, Vermont Parent Information Center

“Thank you for making our Management Development Meeting a complete success. Your presentation to our Divisional team was the perfect conclusion to the three-day event as was indicated by the standing ovation you received. Not only did you motivate and inspire the entire audience to go beyond their fears to take their professional and personal lives to the next level, but you helped us bridge the gap between where we are in our lives and where we want to be. If any corporation is seeking the ideal speaker for their conference or meeting, they need not look any further than you, Scott. Thanks again and we look forward to working with you again soon!”

– Divisional President, AXA Financial

“Thank you for your highly inspirational and motivational presentation on change. Effective strategies are so needed for creating change and reacting to change in our industry and YOU delivered! You are certainly one of the best speakers we have ever had at CIT and we look forward to working with you again in the near future.”

– Chief Sales Officer, CIT

“What a powerful impact your presentation had at our annual All Employee meeting earlier this month. Many of the 500+ employees attending have gone out of their way to tell me how inspiring they found your talk. Our Senior Leadership Team was especially pleased with the extra dimension that you brought to the program. Your story and uplifting message was a very relevant complement to the more numbers-oriented messages of the meeting. Such gatherings are intended to motivate employees and you certainly more than delivered.”

– Vice President, Cendant Car Rental Group

“The topics you covered and the manner in which you delivered your speech was awe inspiring! Everyone should be required to attend your presentation – it would immediately make them realize that as long as you are alive you should be grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in life. Thank you for reminding us of that life lesson.”


“Your positive and inspiring presentation for our Client Appreciation Night left everyone with exactly what I wanted, something special that they could take with them that would forever change their lives. I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from my clients and staff about how great of a job you did. Your story, coupled with your courage and attitude,
is something that I think everyone should hear and learn from.”

– Founder, The First Financial Group

“Your presentation at our Annual Customer Service Program was inspiring, thought provoking, motivating, and exciting. The staff that was privileged to hear you are still talking about and integrating your lessons. Your insight into the soul of the caregiver is unique, and your methods of communicating are captivating. I applaud you for your high level and professional programming, and thank you for sharing your talents and time with the Kessler staff. ”

– Senior Vice President, Kessler Rehabilitation Corp.

“Scott Chesney is a torch bearer for the many who are seeking to find a path to a meaningful life – a life full of purpose and of giving. His inspirational talks, full of love and magical understanding, guide us in ways that help us realize our full potential despite the hurdles we all encounter. Scott’s passion and dedication to this goal is extraordinary. He is living proof and a testament to will, determination and a belief in one’s self. Scott stands mighty tall by the standard by which any person is ultimately measured – how much good one has done for others. May his torch help to light your way.”

– Hon. Peter W. Rodino, Jr.; former Congressman PWR, Jr.

“I was deeply moved by your motivational talk and as a result of your presentation, I am making a change in my life to become healthier as I become older. Listening to your talk inspired me to do what I have been putting off for quite some time and that is living a healthier life so that as I get older I will be able to do things that I would not be able to do if I continued my unhealthy lifestyle prior to listening to your great presentation”

– President of an Avis franchise

“Scott represents so much of what is good about those that achieve effectively after experiencing a severe setback in life. By overcoming his limitations and developing so many other talents, Scott has become a ‘champion in life.’ He is an excellent motivational speaker.”

– YankeeNets, LLC

“Communicators of a certain caliber generate success, accomplish significant impact and possess extraordinary personal skill. They leave you moved, refreshed, and energized. One such speaker is Scott Chesney. He combines charm, wit, and strength and depth of character to reach his target audience. His heartfelt words strike at your very soul, moving you to focus on your highest goals.”

– Bill Raftery, President, WJ Raftery Associates & CBS & ESPN Broadcaster

“The feedback we received from the membership and all those present was amazing. Many people were touched by your story and your incredible courage. Your presentation is an inspiration to us all and some of the insights you shared with all of us will stay with us a long time. You made our annual meeting truly memorable!”

– Marion Fritsh, Executive Director, National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependence of Hudson County, Inc.

“Scott has helped me to search my own soul for answers. He opens up new parts of my mind and has helped me identify problem areas in my life. His tutelage and guidance have helped unlock doors.”

– Larry, 30, Lawyer, United States

“I have received much guidance and encouragement from Scott. His dedication towards his work is quite an inspiration to me. His inclination and belief in our Indian medicine, Ayurveda has instilled faith and hope in me to dream an impossible dream.”

– Neenu, 29, Volunteer, India

“From the day I came to know Scott, things have changed for the best. I am proud to say that he is the one who has made me come out and face the world despite my challenges. I just keep in mind his teaching that the ‘past is history, the future is a mystery and the moment is the gift or the present.’ ”

– Muhib, 33, Operations Manager, Kenya

“Scott’s talks are organic fertilizers that strengthen our roots. I have learned from him that the real disabled people are those who have immobile minds in mobile bodies. He has taught me that I can achieve success if I draw inner energy instead of locking myself in material limitations. Every moment I spend with him I step forward in my life.”

– Dr. Indulal, 30, Ayurvedic Physician, India

“I am so impressed with Scott’s ability to use both his heart and head when connecting with others. His keen intellect and incredibly wise heart will guarantee a wonderful outcome for all those who seek his help. He is a person who truly knows how to lead by example.”

– Jan, 45, Psychologist, Australia

“Scott entered my life at never a more crucial moment. At a time where I had lost all hope, he returned me to the possibilities. At a time where this world of wheels looked grim, he reinstated a faith in me that I had never found anywhere else. His devotion to helping others above himself is nothing short of miraculous in this world of “me first.” He is a man with a mission and my life has been all the richer since knowing him.”

– Matt, age 27, Tele-Communications specialist, USA

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