For over 20 years, Scott Chesney has addressed over 1.5 million people in 40 countries. Over 500,000 of those individuals have been K-12 students. His highly motivational, inspiring, and engaging presentation, “Dream, Believe, and Work to Achieve™” is an experience that students and faculty will not only remember forever, but it is a program that carries with it a history of students and faculty taking immediate positive action steps in their lives.

Combining self-esteem enhancement, character development, the power to choose, acceptance and tolerance, respect, leadership, disability awareness/sensitivity, and anti-bullying messages (if age appropriate)…with his own personal journey of self-discovery, beginning with being a typical kid growing up in a public school system and living his life to the fullest. Then a life-altering experience, paralysis, entered his life when he awoke to a rare stroke at the age of 15 that left him paralyzed from his waist down to his toes. Scott’s “Devotion to Motion” has not stopped ever since. He is a two-time world traveler, a business owner, a husband, a father, and someone who positively helps people to help themselves, make the necessary changes to enhance their personal and professional lives. In 2020, Ride the Wave, a documentary about the story of his life will be released and shared with the world!

“I can confidently say that Scott’s presentation during the assemblies was the best I have ever seen in my 12 years in education. He was able to keep all the students actively engaged and interested in what he was saying. The kids could not get enough of what he was saying. As for his parent workshop, he impacted them greatly and they could not get enough of him either.”

– Instructional Supervisor, Deefield Elementary School (NJ)

“Scott Chesney is a powerful, charismatic speaker and his story evokes a wonderful message of perseverance, tolerance, and love. He literally had the kids on the edge of their seats.”

– SCA President, Franklin Avenue Middle School (NJ)

“Three months after Scott’s presentation, our student body was still talking about his powerful message and the impact it had on their lives. Scott’s message touches everyone. For almost an hour, Scott held a room of high school students in awe. Our teachers and parents said that he was truly one of the most powerful motivational speakers they had ever heard.”

– Department Chair, Carrboro High School (NC)

“His dynamic and touching presentation was welcomed by 640 students. Scott spoke to each gym class throughout the day, totaling 7 performances. With each passing class, his presentation became stronger and more alive than the last. The students were intrigued by his personal story, as well as motivated by the lessons Scott shared. I would highly recommend bringing Scott to any high school, middle school, or elementary school.”

– Student Assistance Counselor, Verona High School (NJ)

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