Scott helps his audiences to CREATE LASTING IMPACT.  Together with your Event/Meeting Planner, Scott will customize his presentation so that your audience thinks, feels, and believes that anything is possible.  Motivation and inspiration can be here today and gone tomorrow, but knowing how important these two elements are, Scott integrates them into each and every presentation beautifully so that action is ignited!  This is not just about 60-90 minutes of motivation and inspiration.  It is about creating a blueprint for everyday, ongoing momentum.



The Program Designed To Inspire Your Teams

To Stay Motivated Long After the Event Is Over

Your audience will discover how to overcome the toughest kind of resistance and embrace change with enthusiasm, humility, and humor.  Plus, the elements of change that never change.

  • Leading the change process with influence and impact.
  • Take personal responsibility for their lives and career success and challenges.
  • Tap into their achievement mindset of attitude, persistence, and resilience.
  • Reframe “failures” as fuel for useful feedback, innovation, and growth.


This is the dynamic presentation designed to help your audience adjust and adapt again and again without change posing a dramatic threat. Plus, they’ll discover the elements of change that never change

  • Overcoming the toughest kinds of resistance.
  • Embracing change with enthusiasm, humility, and humor.
  • Leading the change process with influence and impact.
  • Harnessing change as an opportunity for both business and personal transformation.


Each and every one of us has the ability and the potential to awaken the Courageous Leader within us ad with Scott as your tour guide during this highly engaging and content-rich program, you will be able to:

  • Master the “Art of Presence” while leveraging the past and preparing for the future. Identify and release your excuses for avoiding leadership opportunities in the past.
  • Model the behavior and tactics of other Courageous Leaders around you and in this world.
  • Unleash greater levels of communication, collaboration, teamwork, and creativity towards bigger goals and bigger results.
  • Deepen and strengthen existing relationships and create new and empowering relationships.

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