With over 20 years of life coaching experience and clients from 40 different countries, Scott continues to be one of the most reputable and effective coaches around the world. His “whole” life coaching approach is just that…examining all areas of your life in order to help you, help yourself, reach your full potential, personally and/or professionally. His clients have ranged from 15 years old to 75 years young!

Through this journey that you take with Scott, you build a bridge from where you are today…to where you want to be tomorrow and in the future. The time has come for YOU to reconnect with YOU, fully step into your power and purpose, make peace with the past, live fully in the moment, find your passions, heal old wounds, find love for the first time or again, create a life of limitless abundance, and so much more!

Based on his two decades of coaching experience, Scott offers a six-week program (six, 45-minute sessions) that can be done in-person at his Verona, NJ office or via Skype/FaceTime. He will give you weekly assignments based on what transpires during your sessions. After the six sessions, Scott’s plan is to have you fly solo, knowing that if you ever need a refresher/jumpstart, you can always call on him for additional sessions.

“Scott’s strength, courage, and ability to make such a difference makes one almost envious of him and in an ironic sort of way, want to actually be in his ”shoes.“ He is a living example of how we can shape our destiny, and I think of him as a beacon of hope and a source of inspiration. He has made my group and me realize that the ability to reach out and make a difference lies within all of us.”

– Ayesha, 29, Psychologist, United Arab Emirates

“I have received much guidance and encouragement from Scott. His dedication towards his work is quite an inspiration to me. His inclination and belief in our Indian medicine, Ayurveda has instilled faith and hope in me to dream an impossible dream.”

– Neenu, 29, Volunteer, India

“I spent a week with Scott and quickly felt his healing of my thoughts of why me. He has an ability of relating to me even though I am more than twice his age. Scott’s knowledge and experiences qualifies his program to be an extension of one’s inner voice.”

– Jack, 63, Retired, United States

“Scott’s profound insight helped me to empower myself to make the very best of my life. I have learned to turn my back on anger, frustration, and bitterness and try to maintain a positive attitude. He has helped me to accept my body and love it just the way it is.”

– Shahimah, 45, Art Gallery Director, Malaysia

“Many times in my life when I at a crossroad, have dilemmas, or nothing is going well, I of Scott and all the messages he was sends me. He fills me with hope and is a light when everything appears to be dark.”

– Vasilis, 30, Industrial Engineer, Greece

“Scott has been an inspiration to me since I met him. About fifteen years ago. I had always taken my “ordinary” life for granted until I met this wonderful young man who has such an extraordinary life. His attitude and positive spirit caused me to reevaluate those everyday things in my life that I did not appreciate. Scott has helped me develop an inner-awareness of the goodness around me, and to give thanks for all that I have received. He has reinforced the commitment I have to share myself with those around me. Scott has made a major impact in the way I live and treat life.”

– Tony, 53, consultant, USA

“Scott has helped me to search my own soul for answers. He opens up new parts of my mind and has helped me identify problem areas in my life. His tutelage and guidance have helped unlock doors.”

– Larry, 30, Lawyer, United States

“Scott is such an inspiration to me and everyone around me with whom he has come into contact. He has set out on his mission and has succeeded in every way with his ‘never say die’ attitude. He is selflessly giving of himself for the good of others. I am grateful for all that he has taught me and showed me about life. He is a modern day hero!”

– Kurek, 39, Success Coach, Australia

“From the day I came to know Scott, things have changed for the best. I am proud to say that he is the one who has made me come out and face the world despite my challenges. I just keep in mind his teaching that the ‘past is history, the future is a mystery and the moment is the gift or the present.’ ”

– Muhib, 33, Operations Manager, Kenya

“Scott’s talks are organic fertilizers that strengthen our roots. I have learned from him that the real disabled people are those who have immobile minds in mobile bodies. He has taught me that I can achieve success if I draw inner energy instead of locking myself in material limitations. Every moment I spend with him I step forward in my life.”

– Dr. Indulal, 30, Ayurvedic Physician, India

“I am so impressed with Scott’s ability to use both his heart and head when connecting with others. His keen intellect and incredibly wise heart will guarantee a wonderful outcome for all those who seek his help. He is a person who truly knows how to lead by example.”

– Jan, 45, Psychologist, Australia

“Scott entered my life at never a more crucial moment. At a time where I had lost all hope, he returned me to the possibilities. At a time where this world of wheels looked grim, he reinstated a faith in me that I had never found anywhere else. His devotion to helping others above himself is nothing short of miraculous in this world of “me first.” He is a man with a mission and my life has been all the richer since knowing him.”

– Matt, age 27, Tele-Communications specialist, USA

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