Devotion to Motion is the commitment to move forward in life emotionally, spiritually, and physically. By maintaining a focus to grow and learn, one can create a world of unlimited opportunities and reach his or her fullest potential. Fulfilling one’s destiny is a life-long journey without boundaries. It can take a human being into the depths of depression and sadness, and it can also guide an individual through transformation, realization, and manifestation. Both journeys, as different as night and day, are necessary in rediscovering one’s true essence, the self. Devotion to Motion is about traveling back in time, making peace with the past, and venturing into the future embracing change. It is about understanding the two places in which we all choose to live, a place of love or a place of fear. Rewards for our efforts along the journey come when we learn to appreciate the bridge that connects the past with our future, a bridge called the present. Without acknowledging this bridge, we are either trapped in our past which we can not change or predetermining our future which we can only really address with intention. Devotion to Motion is a journey, not a destination.

The Devotion to Motion World Tour will span over 25 countries in 14 months to meet the following objectives:

bullet Research complementary medicine. Further explore treatments, therapies, and modalities which complement conventional medicine and have been known globally to improve the quality of one’s life.
bullet Evaluate and promote travel for the disabled. Further research into international accessibility while encouraging those with physical and mental challenges to face and overcome limitations.
bullet Expand Awareness. Further educate the world about disabilities and the unlimited opportunities awaiting these individuals through means of the media, the Internet, research papers, open forums, speaking engagements, and future books.
bullet Youth In Motion. Further expand the minds and the hearts of children and teens worldwide by uniting them through Internet resources and/or pen pals. Focus will be on cultural similarities and differences as well as disability awareness.
bullet Promote and raise funds for the Friends of Toby Foundation. Generate awareness for a cause which raises funds and awareness for the largest spinal cord injury research center in the world.