Life Mastery (10/04/97)
It has been about a month since Tony Robbins’ Life Mastery seminar in Hawaii concluded and after a month of digestion, it can best be described as nothing less than spectacular.
Looking Within (8/22/97)
Some inner perspectives as the first leg of our journey ends, and we get ready to continue onward. I've listed the different types of therapies, treatments, and healers I've explored, along with their respective countries. As I learn more about their shortterm and longterm effects, I will share more extensive information with you and my own perspective on the treatments.
The Crystal & Aura Experience (5/08/97)
During our two-week stay in Singapore, we attended a Pranic healing course that focuses on prana or the body's potential energy. Our teacher introduced me to crystals. Immediately when he used the crystal on me, I felt more intense pins and needles in my legs. Liz and I also had our pictures taken that revealed the colors of our aura. The results (described herein) are very interesting!
The Seduction of Spirit (4/07/97)
Each day of Deepak Chopra's seminar on the island of Goa in India was an enlightening experience that brought more consciousness to my life, moving me one step closer to healing myself. This stop on my journey brought about many new experiences, wonderful new friends, a wealth of information, incredible wisdom, and of course, one truly wonderful story I'd like to share with you.
Swimming With Dolphins (2/9/97)
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to kiss a dolphin? Share our incredible experiences parasailing and swimming with dolphins.
Date With Destiny (2/3/97)
There could not have been a better kick-off to our journey than to be motivated by the insight and intelligence of Anthony Robbins. Find out how this incredible seminar helped me achieve a personal breakthrough, finally locating the person I want to be.