Life is about movement… always has been and always will be.

Whether taking a baby step, a giant leap, or any distance in between, taking action is necessary to create any change in our lives.  Through our greatest power, our power to choose, the decision to move forward is determined from within.  Once the choice is made inwardly, we are then ready to ignite action outwardly.  For me, being paralyzed for the past 27 years has lead me on this Devotion to Motion journey with one path being whatever I must do to rise and walk away from this wheelchair and the second path of movement where I maximize this experience of living my life from a wheelchair.

The time has come and enough is enough.  I have hit my threshold for pain (emotionally, mentally, and physically) and believe the time is now to make some changes.  Paralysis is affecting me more now than ever before and I can either sit back and allow it to eat away at my body and spirit or I can embrace it even more and take my life to the next level.  While I believe I have always tried to live my life to fullest, I always realize that we can go higher because as it was once said, “We can always go higher, for within us, we are far greater than we think we are.”  So what has lead me to this precise moment in my life.  For starters, I believe that I am halfway through this life…and there is much more to be done.  Secondly, there is so much more I desire to be doing physically with my family and just want to make sure that I am giving myself every opportunity to do just that.  Thirdly, while paralysis has and will always be an amazing gift that continues to teach me more about life every day, I do whole-heartedly believe that it is time to give this gift back.  Yes, I am ready to make a change…even after 27 years.

So, welcome to my “Devotion to Motion,” of journey of creating change and reacting to it most effectively.  It is about “Freeing your mind, opening your heart, and igniting action” as I have said for many years now.  My mission is to improve my health starting today.  What is yours?  Join me on this journey and ignite action however you need to to create or react to change most effectively and I will promise you healthy and rewarding destinations along the way!

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