July 27, 2012

The Desired Outcome. Yesterday, I began an assisted walking program on The Locomat at Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation that is funded by Kessler Foundation. Before standing, my physical therapist and I went over my goals, my objectives, my wishes…or as I call it, “My Desired Outcome,” for participating in such a program at this stage of my life…42 years old with over 26 years experience of being paralyzed and having to use a wheelchair. This was a loaded question that carries a lot of energy and a lot of emotion. What is my desired outcome? My first response to her was that I want to regain the use and feeling in my legs. No matter how far-fetched that response was after being in a wheelchair for so long, it did not matter to me. I want out of this wheelchair and will do anything within reason to make it happen. Maybe it is because I see this life as being half-over, but certainly more so the second half of my life as “just beginning.” Why not start it on my feet if at all possible. Not a day has gone by since December 28, 1985 in which I awoke to a numb big, left toe that within 48 hours resulted in paralysis from my belly-button down to my toes, that I have not believed that I could wake up with full use and feeling in my entire body. Yes, I believe it can happen and I believe it will happen.

That is my Desired Outcome. A second desired outcome was quickly shared with my physical therapist as well. I want to improve my quality of life while living life with paralysis…realizing that regaining the use and feeling in my legs may take some more time. So, I want this assisted-walking program to help me build up the strength of my bones which have become very weak from lack of use over the past two and half decades. I want my cardiovascular system to be strengthened, my circulation throughout my body to be improved, my skin to be as strong as possible, and so much more. With a healthy and strong body, combined with the mindset that I know I have that can not only survive any situation, but thrive in the face of any adversity, any situation…sky’s the limit as to what I can achieve.

Friends, this is just beginning of a transformational journey that I am embarking upon. Not only will I be sharing with you what I am going through physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually because it is important that I express myself, but my purpose in life is to serve others. Yes, I want you to motivated and inspired by my journey…and…I want my story to help you, help yourself to take action in your life. At the end of each blog entry I will be asking YOU to answer a question that I will be sharing with you. If you feel like answering it publicly through this blog, great! If you feel like answering it privately to yourself, great as well! Just please do me one favor…answer it! In each blog entry, I will be building on each action step and hopeful you will do the same as we take this journey together.

Today’s Action Step: Ask yourself, “What is my DESIRED OUTCOME in any part of your life, personally or professionally?”


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