Adversity and Setbacks.  While I knew that this was going to be a topic that I absolutely, without a doubt, thought I would be addressing at some stage of this blog, I did not believe it was going to surface so quickly.  This past Monday while doing my pull-ups (there is a bar in between a door way, up high), the pull-up bar broke and I came straight down, obviously unable to brace my fall with my legs.  My feet appeared to land first, then my knees bent quickly, and I landed on my butt and hands.  I immediately felt like my hands and butt took the major brunt of the fall, but I quickly examined my entire body.  There was no redness or swelling anywhere.  Scared at falling from such a high distance, I took a deep breath feeling like I had dodged a major bullet and climbed back into my wheelchair. 

The following day was Day #2 of my assisted walking program over at Kessler.  When I arrived I quickly told my therapist about the fall and that I was okay.  I then had a very productive and successful 40-minute walk on the treadmill, checked out my skin and everything after that, and was on top of the world.  This assisted-walking program is exactly what I needed at this moment, August is the quietest month for my business so I can commit the necessary time to it, and mentally, I am more focused than ever before.

And then I woke up yesterday and was greeted by a swollen, bruised, and hot right foot.  It was ugly and I was scared.  My immediate thought was that it was broken, but how did this happen?  Was it the fall two days ago, was it the walking on Tuesday, or was it a combination of the two.  I will never know.  What I did know is that I had to take care of it and that is what I am in the process of doing.  I went to my doctor and got an x-ray that confirmed that I had two broken bones in my right foot.  Now I am waiting on my excellent doctor to tell me what needs to be done next.

What I do know is that this is a major setback, but not the end of the world.  Before I arrived at this “not being the end of the word,” I needed to feel my feelings.  I had my moments yesterday of sadness, anger, frustration, guilt, you name it.  They came, I felt them, and they passed.  There are no longer bad days in my life, just challenging moments.  And this has certainly been a span of time filled with many challenging moments.  But one thing is certain…I will not only survive this setback, this adversity, but I promise to thrive in the face of this adversity.  You can bank on that!  Life is too awesome.  I have too much for which to be thankful, too much for which to be grateful.  I will learn from this experience and emerge even stronger!

With any type of adversity, any type of setback, there is an opportunity for reflection.  There is always a message waiting for us and a lesson to be learned that will make us stronger and more aware of ourselves, others, and our surroundings.  Sometimes that message comes very quickly and sometimes it just a little longer than we may like.  Whatever the case is, what’s done is done.  You can’t change the past.  We can only learn from it.  Feel your feelings when adversity strikes.  Give yourself permission to feel whatever you need to be feeling, knowing that your feelings are quite normal.  Once you have felt these feelings, go into your heart, and remind yourself of what is STILL awesome about your life…not just good, but AWESOME…and move on!

Today’s Action Step:  Ask yourself, “What ADVERSITY and SETBACKS are you currently experiencing and how are choosing to react to it?”

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